Let Us Take Care of all Your Party Needs                                                                                        

Included in all our parties:

  • invitations
  • tableware
  • drinks
  • gift list of presents
  • set up and cleanup
  • medal for birthday child
  • small party favor for each guest

Gymnastics Party

This is our most popular. The 1 1/2 hour party starts with 1/2 hour in one gym, then goes to the second gym for 1/2 hour. Each gym is an organized obstacle course led by one of our party team members. The party finishes with 1/2 hour of cake and opening presents.

Ages 3 and up     Starting at $250
Times: Saturday and Sunday Afternoons

Preschool Gymnastics Party

This party is a parent's dream. Who wants to clean up after a house full of preschoolers? We do! The kids want to climb on stuff, throw things and make big messes when they eat. They can do that here at our gym! They play in the gym for 1 hour then have cake! (Present opening is optional). You bring the children, we do the rest!

Ages 3 to 5     Cost $199
Times: Mondays and Thursdays 12:00-1:30

Dance Party

For 1 hour the children will learn a dance from one of the current dance videos. All dance will be age appropriate, chosen based on your child's favorite music  and tons of fun!

Ages 5 and up     Starting at $250
Times: Saturday Afternoons


Gigueres even has sleepovers! Looking for a super cool option for a youth group or an extra special birthday party? Try a sleepover at Gigueres! Activities include open gym in both gyms, assorted games and a jumbo sized movie with our LCD projector.

Ages 5 and up     Cost $450
Times: Saturday Nights 7pm-9am

Kungfu Party

During our Kungfu will learn basic Kungfu skills, run through an obstacle course and have a have a chance to try their hand at board breaking!

Ages 5 and up     Starting at $250
Times: Saturday Afternoons

    Summer Pool Party

    During the summer you can choose a pool party in our 25' x 50' inground pool! For 1 hour the kids (and parents) can enjoy all the swimming and splashing you want! For the safety of all the party goers, each party comes with a certified lifeguard.

    Ages 5 and up     Cost $250
    Times: Saturdays