Gymnastics Program Overview

The purpose of this page is to give a summary of each gymnastics program and its goals. Because of the developmental nature of our sport, it is difficult to follow firm guidelines similar to schooling where you must be 6 to be in the first grade. This activity is very influenced by the child's strength, body awareness, and confidence level.

Our goal is to have each student have a positive experience at Gigueres which will benefit them , not only in athletics, but carry over to other aspects of their lives.

Tumble Tot

Preschool gymnastics is a movement education curriculum designed to introduce basic body positions, movements, and terms to help with spatial awareness. During every weekly 45 minute class the student works on tumbling, strength, hand/eye and foot/eye coordination, balance, flexibility, and social interaction.

The class starts with movement warm-up followed by a gymnastics exploration time on bars, beam, trampolines, rings, barrels, wedges, and our 10,000 foam block pit! Safety is always a priority, so each set-up is geared towards the size and attention span of the student.

Super Tots

The same basic structure as the tumble Tots, this program is for the more advanced or "experienced" students, generally 4-5 years old. More specific techniques are able to be learned since motor patterns have been developed. Instruction is still presented in a very fun, positive, safe environment with equipment set-ups age appropriate and a 6:1 student/teacher.

Me & My Shadow 

Classes for tots ages 18 months to three years encourages tandem exploration with Mom, Dad, or other adult. These young explorers delight while climbing, crawling, sliding, jumping, rolling, & bouncing their way through a 45 minute class of muscle building fun! Classes begin with a short musical warm up, 2 big obstacle courses with instruction for the adult, followed by a short song.

Boys and Girls Recreational Gymnastics

Our once a week Recreational Gymnastics classes offer hour and 1.5 hour long instruction for grade school students. All classes focus on the fundamentals of artistic Gymnastics along with the development of strength and flexibility; a formula that compliments and enhances any sport. Our gymnastics curriculum follows the progressions promoted by USA Gymnastics. Beginning with this level the classes are split up by gender. Each week the class gets to 3 events (repeating one from the previous week for reinforcement) with various skill stations and an 8:1 student/teacher ratio. Events include bars, beam, vault, trampoline, tumble-trak, rings, p-bars, rock wall, and our 10,000 foam block pit! We also offer 2 hour classes for students interested in a more detailed and extended challenge.

Mens and Womens Competitive Teams

At Gigueres we offer developmental and competitive programs so athletes will be able to challenge themselves at various levels of ability and commitment. A small percentage of our students set team as their goal for Artistic Gymnastics, but those that do have several options. USA Gymnastics, the National governing body, has a program ranging from introductory achievement-based levels through to State, Regional, and National Championships; and obviously, eventually the Olympics. We have over 30 years of experience helping athletes reach their goals through gymnastics for both Men's and Women's programs.


Ten levels of Development:

  • "Hot Shots" - Generally for ages 5-7, this is considered the first step of the Junior Olympic Program. Skills and routines are taught including USAG Levels 1-2(rolls, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, etc.).  The emphasis in their 1-2 two hour workouts is on fun, strength, and flexibility. At the end of the year, the athletes perform in our Annual Hot Shot Showcase.
  • Levels 3-6 Compulsories (everyone competes same routines, judged against a standard, purpose is to strengthen weaknesses)
  • Levels 7-10 Optional (More self-expression, judged on composition and execution, purpose is to hide weaknesses)