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Pilgrim Meet 2013

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Leicester Meet is under Gigueres
South Meet is under TPI
Pilgrim Harvest Meet -November 22-24, 2013
(the Friday-Sunday before Thanksgiving).

South High School
Final Session Times 11.5.13

Friday November 22, 2013
Session 1: Level 9 (43 athletes) 10.0, AHRI, Atlantic, Brestyan’s, CATS, Cape Cod, Flip Flops, GRI, Giguere, Gym Express, Gym-Ken, GymRev, NEGTC, Paradise, Somersault            
        Warm up: 4:45 PM
        Meet: 5:30 PM
        Awards: 7:30 PM
Session 2: Level 10 (41 athletes) 10.0, AHRI, All-Star-MA, Atlantic, Brestyan’s, CATS, Cape Cod, GymRev, R & R, Walker’s
        Warm up: 7:00 PM
        Meet: 7:50 PM
        Awards: 9:35 PM

Saturday November 23, 2013
Session 3 “A” Orange Gym: Xcel Silver (45 athletes) All-Star-MA, GLC, Gym & More, Walker’s, YJ
        Warm up: 8:15 AM
        Meet: 8:40 AM
        Awards: 10:00 AM

Session 3 “B” Maroon Gym: Level 7 (50 athletes) All-Star-MA, Atlantic, Brestyan’s, CATS, Giguere, Gym-Ken, R&R, Sterling, Walker’s
        Warm up: 8:00 AM
        Meet: 8:40 AM
        Awards: 10:40 AM
Session 4 “A” Orange:  Xcel Gold (56 athletes) All-Star-MA, GLC, Gym & More, Paradise, Walker’s, YJ
        Warm up: 10:05 AM
        Meet: 10:30 AM
        Awards: 12:15 PM

Session 4 “B” Maroon: Level 6/7 (47 athletes) 10.0 L7, All -Star-MA L6, Atlantic L6, Brestyan's L7, Giguere L6, Flip Flop L7, MSGA L7, Sterling L6, Walker’s L6
        Warm up: 10:40 AM
        Meet: 11:20 AM
        Awards: 1:05  PM
Session 5 “A” Orange: Xcel Silver (48 athletes) AHRI, All-Star-MA, GLC, Giguere, NEGTC, YJ
        Warm up: 12:20 PM
        Meet: 12:45 PM
        Awards: 2:10  PM

Session 5 “B” Maroon:  Level 8 (44 athletes) 10.0, All-Star-MA, Atlantic, Brestyan’s, CC, Flip Flops, Giguere, GymRev, MSGA, Sterling, Walker’s
        Warm up: 1:05 PM
        Meet: 1:50 PM
        Awards: 3:40 PM
Session 6 “A” Orange: Xcel Gold (56 athletes)  AHRI, Ace, Atlantic, GLC, Giguere, Gym Express, GymRev
        Warm up: 2:15 PM
        Meet: 2:45 PM
        Awards: 4:25 PM

Session 6 “B” Maroon:  Level 7/8 (38 athletes) AHRI L8, CC L7, Dream Big L7, GRI L8, Gym Express L7/8, Gym-Ken L8, GymRev L7, NEGTC L7/8, Somersault L8
        Warm up: 4:10 PM
        Meet: 4:55 PM
        Awards: 6:25 PM
Session 7 “A” Orange: Xcel Silver (50 athletes)  Atlantic, Giguere, GymRev, Tumble Kids, Twisters
        Warm up: 5:15 PM
        Meet: 5:40 PM
        Awards: 7:15 PM

Session 7 “B” Maroon:  Level 6 (39 athletes) AHRI, Broderick’s, CC, Dream Big, GRI, Gym & More, Gym Express, GymRev, Somersault
        Warm up: 6:25 PM
        Meet: 7:10 PM
        Awards: 8:30 PM

Sunday November 24, 2013
Session 8 “A” Orange: Level 4 (48 athletes)  10.0, All-Star-MA, Giguere, Gym & More, R&R, Somersault, YJ
        Warm up: 8:00 AM
        Meet: 8:25 AM
        Awards: 10:00 AM

Session 8 “B” Maroon: Xcel Plat/Diamond (46 athletes) Ace XP, Elite XD, GLC XD, Gym & More XD/XP, Gym Express XD, Paradise XD/XP
        Warm up: 8:30 AM
        Meet: 9:10 AM
        Awards: 10:50 AM
Session 9 “A” Orange: Level 5 (47 athletes)  10.0, All-Star-MA, AHRI, CC, Giguere, Gym & More, R & R, YJ
        Warm up: 10:05 AM
        Meet: 10:35 AM
        Awards: 12:10 PM

Session 9 “B” Maroon: Xcel Platinum (49 athletes) AHRI, All-Star-MA, Atlantic, GLC, Gym Express, GymRev, Twisters, Walker’s, YJ
        Warm up: 10:55 AM
        Meet: 11:35 AM
        Awards: 1:15  PM
Session 10 “A” Orange: Level 4 (47 athletes)  10.0, AHRI, Atlantic, CGA, CC
        Warm up: 12:15 PM
        Meet: 12:45 PM
        Awards: 2:15 PM

Session 10 “B” Maroon:  Level 5 (39 athletes) AHRI, Arena, CATS, Dream Big, GymRev, Quigg’s, YJ
        Warm up:  1:20 PM
        Meet: 1:45 PM
        Awards: 3:00 PM
Session 11 “A” Orange: Level 5 (50 athletes) All-Star-CT, Atlantic, CGA, Gym-Ken, MSGA, NEGTC, Sterling
        Warm up: 2:20 PM
        Meet: 2:55 PM
        Awards: 4:35 PM

Session 11 “B” Maroon:  Level 4 (48 athletes) AHRI, Arena, CATS, Dream Big, GymRev, Quigg’s
        Warm up: 3:15 PM
        Meet: 3:40 PM
        Awards: 5:10 PM
Session 12 “A” Orange: Level 4 (44 athletes) All-Star-CT, Brod, Gym-Ken, MSGA, NEGTC, Sterling
        Warm up: 4:40 PM
        Meet: 5:00 PM
        Awards: 6:20 PM

Leicester High School
FINAL Session Times 11.5.13

Saturday November 23, 2013
Session “A”  Level 1/2 (41 athletes) Brestyan’s L1/L2, Giguere L2, Sterling L2
        Warm up: 8:00 AM
        March-in: 8:15 AM
        Meet: 8:25 AM
        Awards: 9:45 AM
Session “B” Level 1/2 (42 athletes) Brestyan’s L1/L2, Dream Big L2
        Warm up: 10:15 AM
        March-in: 10:30 AM
        Meet: 10:40 AM
        Awards: Noon
Session “C” Level 3 (51 athletes) All-Star-CT, Brestyan’s, Giguere, Somersault, AHRI (changed), Twisters
        Warm up: 12:30 PM
        March-in: 12:45 PM
        Meet: 12:55 PM
        Awards: 2:15 PM
Session “D” Level 3 (50 athletes) Atlantic, Brestyan’s, Dream Big, GLC, GymRev
        Warm up: 2:45 PM
        March-in: 3:00 PM
        Meet: 3:10 PM
        Awards: 4:30 PM
Session “E”  Level 3 (48 athletes) All-Star-MA, GLC, NEGTC, Quigg’s, Sterling(changed)
        Warm up: 5:00 PM
        March-in: 5:15 PM
        Meet: 5:25 PM
        Awards: 6:45 PM

Sunday November 24, 2013
Session “F”  Xcel Bronze (38 athletes) All-Star-MA, GLC, Giguere, Yellowjackets
        Warm up: 8:00 AM
        March-in: 8:15 AM
        Meet: 8:25 AM
        Awards: 9:45 AM
Session “G”  Xcel Bronze (32 athletes) GLC, Giguere, NEGTC, Yellowjackets
        Warm up:     10:00 AM
        March-in:    10:15 AM
        Meet:        10:25 AM
        Awards:    11:45 AM

Leicester High School
74 Paxton Street
Leicester High School
174 Paxton Street; Leicester, MA 01524

Gate Fees: $10 Adults, $5 Children 12 & Under/Seniors, Under 4 years old free
Scan for Leicester HS Directions

1. It is being held at South High Community High School in Worcester, MA for Levels PO and 4-10 and Xcel Silver-Diamond. It is going to be on the Mass State equipment as usual, which has risen in rental cost. Accordingly, our meet fees are increasing slightly to $100 for Levels 4-10, and to $80 for all the Xcel levels. The Team Fee is remaining $40 per team, and that is for 3 or more athletes. We do reserve the right to request breaking you up into 2 meets should the numbers become exceedingly large for a single session. Those checks should be made out to TPI. We go 50% deep on events, and Team; 100% for PR in the AA, and achievement ribbons for events per MASSUSAG suggestions. We utilize the Massachusetts Modified format, and adhere to the numbers put forth at the Meet Director's Meeting regarding athletes per session. Awards are presented in a separate area.
2Levels 1-3 and Xcel Bronze will be held on our Junior sized equipment at Leicester High School(which is about a 5 minute drive from South High) with an entry fee of $75 per athlete, and a $40 Team Fee. The equipment is the same we used at the popular Pot O' Gold Meet in March. We have a Level 4 Vault system, 2 adjustable single bars, 2 regulation beam set ups, and a 60' x 12' spring strip for Floor. One coach related the equipment was properly scaled to the size of the routines being performed. Those checks are made out to Giguere Gymnastics. The Level 2-4 meets will be held Saturday and Sunday, and efforts will be made to coordinate session times for your convenience. We award 100% deep in the AA, and Team; and achievement ribbons based on the USAG policies for events. We limit our sessions to about 40 gymnasts per session, and have awards in the auditorium.
3. If the past 20 years are any kind of an indicator, the meet fills up quickly. Requests started in February. A deposit of $100 for each site is required to hold your spots. So if you are entering Levels 2-4, please send a deposit to Giguere Gymnastics, and a SEPARATE check for $100 to TPI for the other levels.
4. Of course goodie bags, t-shirts, or sweatshirts will be provided at every session.
5.  Email me with your questions and concerns. Please make note of the email